Scenes from the Home Front History Colouring Books

In Britain, during World War Two, sweets were rationed and there were no bananas! But German bombs caused much greater hardship. City children could be sent to live in the country and parents were expected to volunteer for special war work or even go and fight. In some countries the children were expected to fight too. Put some colour back into a grey and difficult period of our history.


Illustration List: Home Front Colouring Book

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain 
Prime minister Winston Churchill
Evacuating city children to the country
'Digging for victory'
Home in the 1940's
'The Blitz'
The fire brigade
Bomb disposal
A queue for rationed food
Women of the Land Army
A victory party

                  Home Front History Colouring Book

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Illustration: Home Front Colouring Book 

history colouring book Home Front illustration 

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