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The first four King Georges reigned one after the other, from 1714 to 1830, and gave the Georgian Period it’s name. As Great Britain was being founded it was rocked by major social and political events on all sides. The British Empire was being won on one continent and being lost on another. Britain was under attack and great generals and admirals rose to the occasion.

What you did for a living and what you wore made you who you were. The class system made it so. The Industrial Revolution was beginning and British society was about to be changed forever.

All you need now is a colourful colouring imagination.

 Georgian Life Colouring Book: Illustration List

A School
The American War of Independence of 1776
An Afternoon in the Park
The Storming of The Bastille 14th July 1789
The Battle of Trafalgar 21st October 1805
The Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815
A Wealthy Family
A Poor Country Family
Captain James Cook R.N. Navigator and Explorer
A Day ay the Seaside
Famous Faces

    Georgian Life History Colouring Book   

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 Illustration: Georgian Life Colouring Book

A day at the seaside from Georgian history colouring book

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