Scenes from the Age of Dinosaurs History Colouring Books

Fossil hunters can find the bones and distinguished professors can give them Latin names, but nobody knows what colours the dinosaurs were.  From the bed of the Silurian Sea to the freezing Ice Age tundra, twelve pages of detailed dinosaur illustrations waiting for colouring to bring them alive in the Dinosaur History Colouring Book. 


 Dinosaur Colouring Book: Illustration List

A Silurian seabed
Triassic dinosaurs
Mary Anning (1799-1847)
Jurassic Stegosaurus
A Jurassic landscape
Wild West fossil hunters
Quetzacoatluses fly over an Iguanadon
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Wooly Mammouths
Sabre-Tooth Cat and wolves

Dinosaur history colouring book

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 Illustration: Age of Dinosaurs Colouring Book

History colouring book Dinosaur illustration

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